Sunday, August 29, 2010

Resin Casting, 2010

So recently I have started resin casting. Ive recently started doing it, but I have been blathering on about intending to do it for some 2 years. This is my first one and I have learnt a lot.
My idea was to create Barrel Full O Monkeys but with Universal Studios Monsters. Not entirely sure why but there you go, not a bad idea for starting out anyway as they are simple shapes and only require a one part mould.

This is the initial sketch

  This is the prototype that I carved out of plaster.  The shit quality of the image is due to the fact I don't have a digital camera, must buy one eventually.

This is the prototype encased in silicon to create the mould
This is the silicon with the prototype removed and space filled fast setting plastic resin.
This is the final piece of plastic that has been cast in the mould of which you can make fucking loads of copies.  It broke because I was too rough in getting it out of the mould, the next one I will be more careful. It is actually all white it just looks shit because I put in the scanner,once again no camera

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