Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Make Your BMO Super Cheap

Making a slightly crappy looking BMO is super easy.
Get yourself a POP Vinyl BMO
And a knock off Ipod Shuffle from Ebay, they are usually $10 or something, lord knows how they make these things for such a stupid price. Something to do with labour exploitation or something something.
Search for mp4 media player 6th generation.
Cut a slot in the top of the vinyl the same size as the player
Then cut out the happy screen face
Then cut out a hole for the short usb cable that comes with the player, make your life easier by trimming the usb plug down first.
This part is optional, but the player will fit better if you remove the metal casing, as it is slightly too big and makes the vinyl bulge.
You can see the electronics inside and the tiny battery which would explain why the battery life is rubbish
I taped electrical tape over the back, you can do it or whatever I dunno
The player should go in with a bit of pushing, the usb plug will hold it tight against one side of the face, the other will drift back. We have to employ some tension internally to force the screen forward.  I have a whole bucket full of shit American Lego called Megabloks, so I stuck some in there.
The screen then goes in there no probs. Insert a microSD with photos of BMO screens I stole from here:
The player comes with a photo album player thing that refreshes photos every ten seconds. It shuts down after a while, a solution maybe to make a video slideshow that plays. I dunno I just finished this thing then.

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